Designed your kids clothes with their name or favorite hobby with our cute patches. From a boring dress or shirt, make it more fun with their favorite characters, animals, princess, and even hobbies.


All you need is the ironing, any hankerchief cloth (white prefereable), and flat space (Ironing Board would do)

1. Turn on Ironing medium to max mode (depends on thickness of clothes)

2. Put our patch on the place where you want to add it on your clothes

3. Put the hankerchief cloth over the patch (very important, to avoid patch burn)

4. Once the Ironing is hot, press it on the hankerchcief cloth about 10-15 secs (timing depend on the thickness of material)

5. Press it and then lift it up again and again until it attach to your clothes nicely

6. Flip the shirt inside out and iron press again from the other side

6. Check if it is nicely attached.

** the heat (usually should be on medium to high and not low mode) and timing, please judge it yourself as it depends on the clothes material as well as thickness, to avoid burning don't press it too long and you should repetitively press again and again.


How to wash for long time usage:

1. Flip the clothes inside out before wash

2. Put it in Laundry bag


Patches Style:

  • Any alphabets
  • Special Patches

1. Basketball (M) 12. Astronaut (M)

2. Rocket (M) 13. Rugby Ball (M)

3. Bad Badtz-Maru (S) 14. Football (M)

4. Big Bird (S) 15. Hot Air Balloon (M)

5. Cuctus (M) 16. Flamingo (M)

6. Cookie Monster (S) 17. Ice Cream (M)

7. Elmo (S) 18. Marry Go Round(M)

8. Anchor Red (M) 19. Crown Pink (M)

9. Rainbow 1 (M) 20. Ice Cream (S)

10. Heart (M) 21. Crown Gold (M)

11. Basketball (S) 22. Hello Kitty (S)




Alphabets and Cute Patches for your own DIY (Size S/M)

  • No refund. Exchange within 7 days after purchased.

  • Price is 1.50 SGD per patch. For Ex: AVERY +20 total is 6 patches, so the prices is 9 SGD.